News from the Field

Photographer: Steven Depolo/Flickr

Harvard Votes to Ban the Bottle

Harvard University students have voted to banish plastic water bottles from their campus on the grounds that they represent an environmental hazard. Sixty-four percent of students who voted in the... Read More

Photographer: Associated Press

Game of Clones

On Saturday, polo superstar Adolfo Cambiaso rode a cloned horse in the championship match of the Argentine National Open—a first in equestrian sports. With the score 11-9 in the game’s... Read More

Photographer: Zoonar/P.Malyshev/

When Age Doesn't Mean Mortality

The hermit crab seems unusual in its maintenance of near-constant levels of fertility and mortality. In fact, it undermines the notion that deterioration necessarily follows age. The hydra—a... Read More


WATCH: Orangutan Plays, Eats Ukelele

What happens when an instrument of human art and recreation crosses the line from civilization into the wild? It becomes food, then, failing that, a tool for survival. The folks at GoPro, who have... Read More