News from the Field

A Temporary Solution to Global Warming

Like deep-water gas detectives, researchers from the University of Southampton were able to pinpoint parts of the ocean crust where a boat-load of carbon dioxide might be stored. If their... Read More

Photographer: Courtesy of James O'Hanlon

Orchid Mantis Lures Prey with Beauty

With petal-like legs and attractive coloring, the orchid mantis uses its flower resemblance for hunting, researchers say, confirming years of speculation. Native to the forests of Southeast Asia,... Read More

Photographer: Storyful/YouTube

He's Alive!

When divers approached a shipwreck 100 feet below the ocean surface, they normally expect to find bodies, but in May divers were shocked to find a survivor in a small pocket of air in the... Read More

Photographer: ShadowstarCyran / Flickr

Runners Pay Anything for a Boston Bib

For runners who don't fall into the 10 percent of marathoners able to meet the qualifying standard for the Boston Marathon, representing a charity is the only way to get a bib. This year, in... Read More

Photographer: NOAA/Wikimedia

Pilot Whales Stranded in Everglades

09:51 a.m. December 5 NOAA reported that there were 51 whales stranded in the area. As of Wednesday afternoon Southeast Marine Mammal Stranding Coordinator from NOAA fisheries Blair Mase told CBS... Read More