News from the Field

Photographer: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Katarin

Ikea Buys Massive Wind Farm

Ikea announced the purchase of a 98-megawatt wind farm—its first—in the United States yesterday. That's 380 gigawatt hours of renewable energy a year, enough to produce 165 percent of... Read More

High-Altitude Wind Turbines Take Flight

Let's go fly a… wind turbine? Like kites, high-altitude wind turbines float in the air while tethered to the ground. What makes these airborne wind energy (AWE) devices different from a... Read More

Photographer: BuzzFeed/YouTube

Man Films Entire 135-Mile Run

Ultramarathoner Josh Spector captured his entire experience running the Brazil 135—yes, more than five times the distance of a marathon—with a GoPro. Then he shared the resultant video... Read More

Photographer: 1971yes/Thinkstock

Astronauts to Recycle Urine for Drinking

You know the saying "if it's yellow, let it mellow," right? Environmentalists use it as a rallying cry to conserve water, pledging not to flush solely liquid waste. But what if we could actually... Read More

Walmart's Organic Takeover

Walmart announced today that it will expand its organic food line under the Wild Oats brand at a price point some 25 percent less than its competitors. Beginning with a concentrated launch in... Read More