News from the Field

Windsurfer Crosses Florida Straits

A Cuban windsurfer braved treacherous currents, sharks, and fickle weather to successfully cross the Straits of Florida last week. Henry Vergara Negrin, 24, left Havana Tuesday morning with two... Read More

The Rise of the Fitness Band

Wearable bands are seeing dramatic sales growth, according to a new report from industry researcher Canalys. During the last six months of 2013, 1.6 million smart bands were shipped worldwide, and... Read More

Nude Ocean Swim Draws Hundreds

Nearly 1,000 naked people plunged into Sydney Harbour National Park on Sunday for the Sydney Skinny, the world's premier—and largest—nude ocean swim, the New Zealand Herald... Read More

Why Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

Have you ever felt like your dog just understood you? Turns out, you might be more correct than you'd have guessed. For the first time, scientists have compared human brain function to a nonprimate... Read More

Snow Leopard Kill Caught on Camera

On a snow leopard tour through the Himalayas, guide Adam Riley captured possibly the first-ever images of a snow leopard kill. With fewer than 60 of these cats estimated to be left in this... Read More