News from the Field

Studying Whales from Space

The old way to track whales: Stand on the bridge of a ship and count. The new way: Use a satellite to count them from space. In a paper published Wednesday in the journal PLOS One, Peter Fretwell... Read More

Get Fit to Get Tough, New Study Says

An Australian study soon to be published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise finds that aerobic training can yield significant increases in how much pain you can... Read More

Insane Alex Honnold Footage

On January 16, we covered Alex Honnold’s historic free solo of El Sendero Luminoso in Mexico. The unfazed Honnold ascended nearly 2,500 feet in just over three hours, adding to his already... Read More

Olympians Sign Climate Change Petition

Prompted by mild temperatures in Sochi, Winter Olympians have signed a petition pushing global leaders to fight climate change, USA Today reports. So far, 105 athletes from 10 countries, including... Read More

U.S. Sweeps Olympic Slopestyle Skiing

The U.S. men swept the podium Thursday in the first-ever Olympic slopestyle skiing competition. It’s only the third time in history Americans have nabbed all three medals in the same event at... Read More

The Hunt for a Criminal BASE Jumper

Canadian police are searching for a man who made an illegal BASE jump from the Peak 2 Peak Gondoloda in Whistler, British Columbia, then posted the video to YouTube. The video, shot from a helmet... Read More