News from the Field

Explorers Complete Scott's Antarctic Journey

More than 100 years ago, Sir Robert Falcon Scott and his team sought to stake their flagpole into Antarctica’s icy sheath. The five men reached the South Pole on January 17, 1912, but died of... Read More

U.S. Dominates in Slopestyle Debut

Sage Kostenburg and Jamie Anderson snatched gold in the men’s and women’s slopestyle this weekend, placing an American stamp on the event’s Olympic premiere. Kostenburg, the... Read More

Why Sherpas Excel at Altitude

There’s a reason why Sherpas have excelled at carrying western explorers up the forbidding peaks of Everest for more than a century, and it has to do with genetics. A new study found... Read More

IOC Bans Sarah Burke Memorial Stickers

Athletes competing in Sochi who honor the late Sarah Burke with stickers on their equipment will have to remove such memorials during competition, the International Olympic Committee told reporters... Read More

Can Orange Juice Cure Cancer?

Drugstore chain CVS dominated cancer-related news last week with its decision to stop selling cigarettes at its stores by October 1. That might be too late, however, for many female smokers. New... Read More