News from the Field

Photographer: YouTube

Watch: Kayak Turns into Submarine

A new kayak that can transform into a human-powered submarine within seconds gives paddlers a new, stealth means of transport. Olivier Feuillette's Subo, the kayak-cum-submarine, includes a sealed... Read More

Photographer: puliarf/Flickr

Palm Oil in Candy Leaves Orangutans Homeless

Handing out candy to trick-or-treaters this year could inadvertantly threaten the world's orangutan population, reports CNN, as candy production often involves destroying the endangered species'... Read More

Photographer: Mostly Dans

Cyclist Ryder Hesjedal Admits to Doping

Canadian Ryder Hesjedal, the 2012 winner of the Giro d'Italia, has admitted to doping ten years ago under the direction of discredited former yellow jersey wearer Michael Rasmussen. Hesjedal came... Read More

Photographer: Jim Clark/Flickr

Do 'Kid Cages' Stop Wolf Attacks?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to extend Endangered Species Act protection to the estimated 75 Mexican gray wolves in the Southwest, and that's causing many to question the... Read More

Photographer: World Wide Videos

Watch: Chopper Opens Beer Bottle

At the conclusion of a grueling three-day Chinese helicopter tournament this week, pilots cracked open a bottle of beer, with their choppers. This annual competition tests pilots' skills in six... Read More