News from the Field

Zimbabwe's First Winter Olympian

Zimbabwe hasn't seen a flake of snow since 1960, but that won't stop native son Luke Steyn from being the country's first Winter Olympian. According to an report, the 20-year-old will make... Read More

Sediment Dump on Great Barrier Reef OK'd

The Australian government agency that oversees the Great Barrier Reef approved a plan to expand a major coal port in Queensland by dumping 792,516,157 gallons of dredged mud on the Great Barrier... Read More

Russian Vodka Kills

New research explains why Russian men have the lowest life expectancy in the world. As a result of heavy vodka drinking, Russian males are only expected to reach an age of 64, compared to 76 for... Read More

Colorado Peaks Renamed for Broncos Players

Mount Elbert? Actually, try Peyton Manning. Colorado governor John Hickenlooper announced Wednesday that he’s temporarily renaming 53 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks after Super... Read More

FAA Shuts Down Beer Drones

Wisconsin-based microbrewer Lakemaid Beer had a pretty cool idea: delivering beer to the region's thirsty ice fishermen through the magic of flying drones. It even went so far as to produce a very... Read More