Blue Skies with Clouds

Photo: Mark Stevens/Flickr

July Brings Snow to Montana, Wyoming

Blankets northern Rockies

An unseasonably strong cold front swept over the northern Rocky Mountains on Monday, resulting in uncommon July snowfall in parts of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, according to the Washington Post. Glacier National Park and Big Sky Resort in Montana, as well as Jackson Hole in Wyoming, reported snow shortly after the cold air moved in. Up to several inches of it appeared in areas above 8,000 feet in elevation. 

The National Weather Service (NWS) forecast office in Billings, Montana, classified the cold front as “exceptional” after comparing its strength to past events. 

“This pattern should not happen in July,” stated the Billings NWS office in a Facebook post. Tuesday was the “windiest July day ever in Billings,” NWS added.


North Korea Plans Surf Camp

A group of tourists will visit North Korea's beaches in September. Pictured: Wŏnsan Beach.     Photo: stephan/Flickr

North Korea Plans Surf Camp

Opening in September

North Korea’s authoritarian government has given its blessing to a group of tourists and North Koreans to visit the country’s uncharted breaks in September, according to the Guardian. The move represents a rare opportunity to surf in the country.

The trip will be organized by Uri Tours, a New Jersey–based travel company that specializes in trips to North Korea.  

“Our goal is to evaluate the resources and make them available to local surfers in a sustainable and safe way,” Nick Zanella, an Italian surfer who will be making the trip, told the Guardian. “We are not there to simply go surf, brag about it, and then bail.”


WATCH: Big Wave Wipeout at Teahupo’o

Niccolo Porcella was sucked back up by the wave after falling from his board.     Photo: WSL Big Wave Awards/Flickr

WATCH: Big Wave Wipeout at Teahupo’o

“I got annihilated,” says Porcella

Professional kiteboarder and big-wave surfer Niccolo Porcella took a huge wipeout at Teahupo’o, Tahiti, on July 22. After dropping in, the 27-year-old Maui native fell off his board, only to be sucked up by the wave and hurled toward the reef.

“It was the most violent thing—I got annihilated,” Porcella told Surfing Life. But he said it won’t be his last time at Teahupo’o. “The best day of my life was marrying my wife, but this, for sure, was second best. I’m coming back every year.”

Tim Pruvost, who took the video of the wipeout, already submitted it as an entry in the TAG Heuer Wipeout of the Year category of the 2016 WSL Big Wave Awards, according to Time.

Check out the wipeout below: