News from the Field

Photographer: deoman56/Flickr

WATCH: POV of Baumgartner's Historic Jump

Nearly a year ago, Felix Baumgartner completed the highest jump in history, plummeting from 127,851 feet—about 24 miles. This week, Red Bull released Baumgartner's POV video from the jump.... Read More

Photographer: Kodda/Shutterstock

Air Pollution Officially Causes Cancer

On Thursday, the World Health Organization officially added air pollution to the list of leading causes of cancer worldwide. "We consider [air pollution] to be the most important environmental... Read More

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Kenya to Microchip Rhino Horns

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) will begin implanting microchips into the horns of the country's 1,000-plus rhinos to deter poaching on a continent that has seen a "gold rush" in poaching the last... Read More

Photographer: Patrick Hui/Flickr

Record Mountain-Bike Backflip

A record was set at the bikepalooza Red Bull Rampage earlier this week. Cameron Zink, 27, landed a 78-foot backflip in the desert outside of Virgin, Utah, making it the biggest freeride... Read More

Photographer: Monika Wieland/

Killer Whales: Aquatic Babysitters

Humans aren’t the only species that calls on older relatives for babysitting help. Killer whales also rely on grandma to help watch the little ones, and a team of UK researchers aims to find... Read More