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Photographer: Fietsberaad/Flickr

Dutch City Hailed as Most Bike-Friendly

Would you go furniture shopping on a bike? Citizens of Groningen, Netherlands, visit IKEA with special cargo bikes, which is just one of the reason this Dutch town is of the world’s most... Read More

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Moose Population in Decline

North American moose are dying at an alarming rate, so quickly in fact that states like Minnesota have replaced moose hunting with moose monitoring in an effort to understand why the species is in... Read More

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Jamaican Team Faces Drug Probe

The World Anti-Doping Agency is launching a substantial audit of Jamaica's drug testing agency following reports that Jamaica's testing all but disappeared before the 2012 Olympics. The Associated... Read More

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Illegal Amphetamines Found in Workout Supplements

An analysis published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Drug Testing and Analysis today has detected a highly addictive, illegal stimulant chemical in the pre-workout supplements Craze, from... Read More

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20,000 Bees Removed from Woman's Home

A beekeeper removed 20,000 bees from a 98-year-old woman's home in Florida Saturday after they built a hive in the attic of her home. "They didn't bother me," said Cocoa Beach resident Sevia... Read More