News from the Field

Photographer: Richard Schneider

Is This Wingsuit Video Real?

World of Wingman, a men's grooming company, published a video to YouTube that it's calling a world's first for the fledging spot of wing-suit flying. On September 30, Frenchman Raphael Dumont... Read More

Photographer: ESA-V

Astronauts Complete Cave Training

Although astronauts are professional space travelers, a majority of their training takes place on earth—or even underground. That was the case for six astronauts who spent a week in... Read More

Protesters Invade National Parks

The partial federal government shutdown continues to keep National Parks closed, but locked gates and a few park rangers didn't stop dozens of hikers and cyclists from entering at least three... Read More

Photographer: Pal Teravagimov /Shutterstock

Climbers on El Cap Ignore Shutdown

Despite the government shutdown, big-wall climbers have sneaked into Yosemite National Park and are scaling the 2,900-foot face of El Capitan. The paucity of park staff has apparently made rule... Read More

Photographer: rapgenius/Flickr

North Korea Ski Resort Opens This Week

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's first "world-class" ski resort, Masik Pass, is expected to be partially open this Thursday to commemorate the 86th aniversary of the Korean Workers Party. While... Read More

Photographer: Roberta F./Wikimedia Commons

Greenpeace to File Criminal Complaint

Greenpeace International intends to file a criminal complaint over the illegal seizure of the ship Arctic Sunrise last month. The ship and all its crewmembers were seized during a September 17... Read More