News from the Field

Photographer: K3S/Shutterstock

WATCH: New Waterlining Record Set

Slackliner Mich Kemeter has returned to Austria to beat the world record for waterlining that he set a year ago. Kemeter toed his way across 250 meters of slackline tautened over the surface of... Read More

Thieves Steal $10,000 Worth of Goats

The owner of a Hawaii farm is offering a reward for any information leading to the return of 23 goats that were kidnapped from the property sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning. Keal... Read More

Photographer: Sarah Outen/Facebook

Ocean Rower Sarah Outen Touches Shore

Sarah Outen touched shore in Alaska's Aleutian Islands Monday after 150 days and 3,750 miles at sea. The 28-year-old became the first woman to row across the North Pacific Ocean solo, the... Read More