News from the Field

Vegas Sign Goes Solar

Since 1959, people from across the globe have gathered to snap pictures in front of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. As of yesterday, folks have another reason to pause in... Read More

Are Multivitamins Useless?

More than half of American adults use dietary supplements, but three new studies indicate those multivitamins are nothing but a waste of money. All of the articles concluded that multivitamins and... Read More

Peacock Escapes Zoo, Freezes

An enterprising Chicago area peacock escaped from his enclosure at the Randall Oaks Barnyard Zoo on Tuesday, only to discover that it was not the best time of year for an exotic bird to go a... Read More

Nuts Bad for Oral Health

Paleo dieters, be warned. Nuts and acorns severely diminished the oral health of early humans, according to researchers at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists. The study... Read More

China's Deadly Smog

At least 350,000 people in China die each year from air pollution, according to China's former health minister Chen Zhu. Zhu cautioned that the annual mortality rate could actually be as high as... Read More