News from the Field

First Underground Trampoline Park Takes Off

While Americans are watching fireworks on Friday, people in Northern Wales will celebrate a different kind of freedom. As of Independence Day, the best place in Earth to gain height will be... Read More

The Next Gold Rush? Water

California continues to suffer through its third summer of drought, but the state's water market runs free—and people are willing to pay a pretty penny for the stuff. To put it in... Read More

The End of the Fast-Food Giants

Fast-food juggernauts such as McDonald's and KFC might have taken over the world, but their days of domestic dominance may be numbered if they don't start offering healthier and more innovative... Read More

How 110,000 Will Flee a Disappearing Island

The island nation of Kiribati is sinking. The seawater surrounding the country is rising four times faster than the global average—as much as 1.2 centimeters a year, according to Climate... Read More