News from the Field

Exercise Desk Use on the Rise

A growing numbers of Americans are using stand-up desks, treadmill desks, and other moving workstations throughout the day, the Associated Press reports. Sales of exercise workstations have... Read More

Photographer: Wikimedia/Oxfam East Africa

Giant Aquifer Discovered in Kenya

Scientists in Kenya have discovered an aquifer capable of meeting the country's water needs for up to 70 years. The aquifer is thought to hold more than 200 billion cubic meters of fresh water, and... Read More

Photographer: Wikimedia Commons

Siberian 'Forest Boy' Found

Russian authorities have found a young man who claims to have lived in a Siberian forest for over 16 years with his family. A local woman in the town of Belokurikha initially brought the boy to the... Read More

Photographer: bobshow/Flickr

Two Guides Hacked to Death in Papua New Guinea

Two porters were killed and a group of Western tourists attacked while trekking through a remote jungle trail in Papua New Guinea Tuesday. The group, thought to include eight Australians and a New... Read More

Photographer: lev radin/Shutterstock

Judge Rules Armstrong Lied Legally

A federal judge has ruled that Lance Armstrong had a right to lie to readers in his autobiographical books, throwing out a lawsuit asking for more than $5 million in damages. According to USA... Read More