News from the Field

Reddit Bans Climate Skeptics

In a surprising move, Reddit announced Monday that it would be banning climate-change skeptics on its science forum. Reddit content editor Nathan Allen wrote a post on Grist explaining his... Read More

U.S. to Allow Bald Eagle Deaths

Between 1997 and 2012, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service researchers counted 86 bald and golden eagle deaths at wind farms nationwide, and this month the Obama Administration officially says that's... Read More

Today in Alligator News

Alligators made a strong appearance in news headlines today. A four-footer named Wally has been approved to greet guests at a Michigan restaurant, and a Florida man attempted to trade another... Read More

Global Banana Crop Doomed

Researchers around the world are expressing serious concerns over the future of everyone's favorite (frozen and chocolate-covered, preferably) source of potassium. Crops are being bombarded with... Read More