News from the Field

Photographer: val lawless via Shutterstock

Scientists Turn Coffee Into Alcohol

The age of alchemy is upon us. Scientists have figured out a way to turn used coffee grounds into drinkable alcohol. In the journal LWT - Food Science and Technology, the team of Spanish and... Read More

Photographer: Courtesy of University of Alaska Fairbanks

Rare Sprite Lightning Caught on Film

A photographer in Colorado has captured rare images of sprite lightning, hard-to-observe electrical bursts that occur high in the atmosphere, on a flight above Boulder. Jason Ahrns was flying on a... Read More

Photographer: Wikimedia Commons

Rodeo Bull Loses It, Injures Eight

A raging bull, seemingly no longer content to be the plaything of our decadent ways, broke loose at the Dakota County Fair Wednesday evening, injuring eight people on its rampage. According to... Read More

Photographer: Jamaalcobbs/Wikimedia

Newark Tops 'Least Friendly Cities' List

Beating out Islamabad, Pakistan, in a poll of 46,000 respondents, Newark, New Jersey, was rated as the most unfriendly city in the world. In a scathing review, Conde Nast Traveler reported that... Read More

Photographer: Vanessa Hunter

Zookeper Suspended For Punching Seal

A British zoo has suspended one of its animal keepers while it investigates claims that the employee punched a seal right in the face. According to Bristol Zoo officials, the punching occurred... Read More