News from the Field

Shanghai's Smog Problem

If you're outside in Shanghai right now, reading this article would probably be near impossible. And looking at anything more than 50 yards away? Forget it. Shanghai is experiencing one of its... Read More

New Study Examines Tough Mudder Injuries

A new study on Tough Mudder and obstacle races takes a closer look at the injuries sustained during these events. "Unique Obstacle Race Injuries at an Extreme Sports Event: A Case Series,"... Read More

Purebred Dogs: Then and Now

You might never look at pure breeds the same way again. Science of Dogs has collected a number of photos from the 1915 book, Breeds of All Nations, and compared the breeds to their modern-day... Read More

A Temporary Solution to Global Warming

Like deep-water gas detectives, researchers from the University of Southampton were able to pinpoint parts of the ocean crust where a boat-load of carbon dioxide might be stored. If their... Read More