News from the Field

Photographer: Royal Thai Navy

Thai Oil Spill Forces Evacuation

Tourists and residents were evacuated from Thailand’s Phrao Bay Tuesday after an estimated 5,000 liters of crude oil washed up on the island. The oil leaked into the ocean from an offshore... Read More

Photographer: HyperLemon

Michigan's Wolf Hunt Delayed

Due to high demand, the Department of Natural Resources is delaying its sale of licenses for Michigan's first wolf hunt until September 28, the agency announced today. Licenses were originally set... Read More

Photographer: Don O'Brien/Flickr

New Zealander Attempts to Hike North Korean Range

A former cop hopes to be the first person in modern memory to hike the Korean peninsula's 870-mile mountain range, the Baekdudaegan, which runs from North Korea's border with China to the South... Read More

Photographer: Stuart Orford/Flickr

Father-Son Team Presumed Dead on K2

A father and son climbing team is presumed dead after an avalanche wiped out Camp III on K2. Marty Schmidt, 53, and his son Denali, 24 were discovered to be missing on Friday after heavy snow and... Read More


WATCH: Putin Nets 43-Pound Pike

Russian President and noted absurd outdoor adventure enthusiast, Vladimir Putin, made headlines again this week when video surfaced of the political strongman catching an enormous pike fish. Putin... Read More