News from the Field

Photographer: U.S. Air Force

Town Could Issue Drone-Hunting Permits

Ever dreamed of having a Predator mounted over your fireplace? If you live in Colorado, you may be in luck. Officials in the small town of Deer Trail are considering issuing permits that would... Read More

Photographer: Courtesy of Elliot Sudal

WATCH: Man Wrestles 7-Foot Shark

Nantucket resident Elliot Sudal has drawn the ire of animal activists and fish everywhere after video of the fishing enthusiast wrestling a 7-foot shark out of the water surfaced on the Web. The... Read More

Photographer: thelefty

Trainer Pushes Back Against Doping Accusations

The trainer of two top sprinters who recently tested positive for banned stimulants has pushed back against accusations that he doped the athletes, saying that he is being blamed as a... Read More

Team Sky Selectively Releases Power Data

Team Sky principal Dave Brailsford is in talks with the World Anti-Doping Agency to release power data detailing Chris Froome's performances from the last two years in hopes of quelling suspicion... Read More


WATCH: 101 Women Set Skydive Record

What you are about to watch is not a military drill. Rather, it is the Russian skydiving group, Pearls of the Sky, setting a new world record for all female teams with a 101-person flower... Read More