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Three Gored at Running of the Bulls

Three people were gored at the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, on Friday, including an American who had to undergo surgery after taking a horn to the abdomen. Patrick Ekols, 20, had... Read More

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Death Valley Covered in Fried Eggs

Death Valley National park has issued a statement on its Facebook page, asking visitors to please, please stop throwing eggs all over the damn place. The trouble began when a park employee posted... Read More

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Pet Insurance the Newest Employee Benefit

Pet insurance is rapidly becoming one of the most popular employee benefits in the U.S., with nearly one in three Fortune 500 companies offering policies. “Like any kind of health care... Read More

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WATCH: Shark Attempts to Eat GoPro

We hope we never have to see the inside of a shark's mouth in real life, but we'll take a video. A group of Maryland fishermen captured the toothy sight on July 4, when they decided to strap a... Read More

WATCH: Farmer Digs Fire Line With Tractor

Farmer Eric Howard deserves his own remix after plowing courageously on Monday in Colorado's Weld County. After lightning ignited a fire in his hay field, Howard took to his John Deere and dug a... Read More