News from the Field

Photographer: msn678/Flickr

Fishing Tournament Cheater Jailed

A Minnesota man was sentenced to seven days in jail on Monday after pleading guilty to cheating in an ice-fishing tournament in February. Alfred "Tom" Mead told the court that he had brought two... Read More

Photographer: Steffen Foerster Photography

Pro Cycling Challenge Announces Amateur Events

USA Pro Cycling Challenge organizers announced new amateur events on Wednesday, including a mass-start group ride, the Pro Challenge Experience, and a running race. The Pro Challenge Experience... Read More

Photographer: RAAM

Strasser Wins Race Across America

Christoph Strasser of Austria set a new record in the men's individual category in the Race Across America (RAAM) Wednesday, finishing in a time of 7 days, 22 hours, and 11 minutes. With an overall... Read More

Photographer: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Denver Fires Force Evacuation

Dozens of Denver, Colorado, homes were evacuated Wednesday as wildfires to the southwest of the city crept closer. The Lime Gulch Fire, which started in Pike National Forest, is estimated to be... Read More

Photographer: Grayson Schaffer

Tornado Hits Denver Airport

A tornado that touched down at Denver International Airport on Tuesday afternoon diverted flights and forced passengers to take shelter in restrooms, but did not cause any injuries, a spokesperson... Read More