News from the Field

Photographer: Polaris

Owner of Sunken HMS Bounty Sued

And so it begins. Legal action has been taken against the owner of the HMS Bounty, a tall ship that sank in October when it sailed into Hurricane Sandy (on purpose). The mother of Claudene... Read More

Photographer: Nils Z/Shutterstock

Fondo Organizers Test for Amateur Doping

Organizers of the Gran Fondo New York are spending $15,000 on drug tests to deter dopers from competing in the 105-mile event on May 19. The winners collect a total of $50,000 in prizes, and the... Read More

Photographer: sergey23 via Shutterstock

Bee Venom Killed Tucson Climber

The mystery has been solved in the death of a Tucson rock climber who was found on Mount Hopkins Monday, hanging from his rappelling gear and covered in hundreds of bee stings. A medical examiner... Read More

Photographer: Edwin Verin via Shutterstock

International Space Station Leaking

Commander Chris Hadfield tweeted from space this morning that the crew of the International Space Station (ISS) is planning a spacewalk to fix an ammonia leak in a critical cooling system. NASA... Read More

Photographer: Acea/Gilles Martin-Ragut

Sailor Dies in America's Cup Practice

One sailor died and another was injured after a boat capsized in San Francisco Bay while practicing for the America's Cup races on Thursday. Roughly 12 people were on board the Artemis Racing... Read More