News from the Field

Photographer: Alan Arnette

Peace Agreement Signed on Everest

On Monday at Everest Base Camp, with Nepal army major Sunilsingh Rathor standing witness, a group of Sherpas and the alpine trio of Simone Moro, Ueli Steck, and Jonathan Griffith signed a peace... Read More

Photographer: Knumina Studios via Shutterstock

2 Cessnas Collide Midair Near L.A.

Two Cessna 172 airplanes collided over the Santa Monica Mountains Monday, leaving one pilot dead after his plane plummeted into the mountains. The pilot of the second plane managed to land on the... Read More

Fight Breaks Out on Everest

A fight between a group of Sherpas and the alpine team of Simone Moro, Ueli Steck, and Jonathan Griffith took place near Camp III and at Camp II on Mount Everest this weekend. Initial reports about... Read More

Photographer: U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

3 Abalone Divers Killed Over Weekend

Three abalone divers died in separate accidents over the weekend in Northern California. An abnormally low tide drew divers to the beaches where they were snagged by powerful rip currents. "The... Read More

Photographer: Ben Tubby

Chinese Climber Presumed Dead on Makalu

A Chinese climber is missing and presumed dead after suffering a fall while descending from the summit of Makalu, the world's fifth-highest peak. According to Explorersweb, Xiangliang Liu was... Read More