News from the Field

'Slug Glue' Could Replace Stitches

Athletes of the future may have their gashes closed up with a slug-based adhesive rather than stitches, a New York biologist says. Andrew Smith, a professor from New York's Ithaca College, worked... Read More

Hiker Dies on Longs Peak

A Missouri man died after a 150-foot fall on Longs Peak Thursday, Rocky Mountain National Park officials announced. The 24-year-old man fell from The Narrows on the Keyhole Route, which had ice in... Read More

Grizzly Bear Charges Group in Yellowstone

Two people were injured Thursday when a grizzly bear charged a group of hikers in Yellowstone National Park. Four hikers had traveled a few miles down a trail when they spotted a young grizzly... Read More

James Bond Stuntman Dies in Wingsuit Accident

The British stuntman who performed at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics was killed in a wingsuit flying accident Thursday in the Swiss Alps. Mark Sutton crashed into a rocky ridge after... Read More

Oldest Rock Art in North America Found

A group of petroglyphs discovered at Nevada's dried-up Winnemucca Lake is the oldest known rock art in North America, according to new research. A team including researchers from the University of... Read More