News from the Field

Sailor Saves Dog, Then Wife

After running his yacht aground on a reef near, a South African man courageously swam his beloved Jack Russell terrier to shore. After that, he came back for his wife. Graham and Sheryl Anley were... Read More

STUDY: Walking to Work Will Save Your Life

Walking to work may be the next super-drug. Compared to people who drive to the office, walkers and cyclists have a 40 percent lower chance of developing diabetes, according to a study in the... Read More

Escape Artist to Skydive in a Coffin

Breaking out of locked boxes is everyday fare for escape artists. Doing it as that box plummets to earth from a plane, less so. That's exactly what a Wisconsin escape artist plans to do today.... Read More

Man to Swim from Canada to Detroit

A long-distance swimmer known as "The Shark," embarked on a 30-hour, 22-mile swim across Lake St. Clair Monday to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Departing from the Michigan-Canada border,... Read More

Baby Survives 100-Foot Fall in the Alps

A baby girl is expected to survive after sustaining serious injuries in a 100-foot fall from a cable car. The girl and her parents were taking a cable car intended only for freight use down from... Read More