News from the Field

Photographer: Grayson Schaffer

UCI Quashed Armstrong's Positive Test Results

Four of Lance Armstrong's doping controls from the 1999 Tour de France tested positive for corticosteroids, according to an internal UCI document obtained by Het Nieuwsblad. Until now, only one... Read More

Photographer: Roman Sigaev via Shutterstock

The Joy of Beer

Maybe we need to give beer more credit. A new study indicates that, at least for men, alcohol isn't the only thing that makes it so fun to drink: simply tasting beer could make you crave... Read More

Photographer: National Park Service

Park Service Proposes L.A. Expansion

A new proposal to increase National Park Service land around Los Angeles has many original supporters upset. In July, 2003, the San Gabriel River Watershed Study Act authorized the National Park... Read More

Photographer: Via Twitter

Ongoing Coverage of the Boston Marathon

(Click to update) 6:20 p.m. EST New York's Governor Cuomo announces that the National Guard has deployed 230 soldiers to assist the NYPD and MTA with additional security. 5:55 p.m. EST Boston... Read More

Photographer: summitcheese via Flickr

Utah Avalanche Forecaster Killed

In a rare on-the-job tragedy, a veteran avalanche forecaster was killed in a snow slide Thursday afternoon. The Utah Department of Transportation employee was checking the stability of a snowpack... Read More