News from the Field

Scientists Train Cockatoos to Open Locks

A robot uprising may be the apocalypse scenario du jour, but it’s time to get real and open our eyes to the true threat. Cockatoos. Researchers at Britain’s University of Oxford have... Read More

Overland Cyclist Killed By Car

An 18-year-old has died as the result of her injuries after being struck by a car near McCrory, Arkansas, while cycling cross-country with the youth adventure company Overland. Merritt Levitan, of... Read More

Text Received from Lost Ship

A missing American schooner with seven people aboard sent an undelivered text message a month ago. Authorities released the message after seeking it from the satellite phone company Iridium and the... Read More

Randy Udall Found Dead

Randy Udall, the brother of Colorado senator Mark Udall who was missing since last week, was found dead in Wyoming’s Wind River Range late Wednesday night. Rescuers had been looking for Udall... Read More