News from the Field

Photographer: Maxisport/Shutterstock

Kenyan Marathoners Suspended for Doping

Athletics Kenya announced Thursday that marathon runners Salome Jerono Biwott and Jynocel Basweti Onyancha have been suspended for two years after testing positive for banned substances. The... Read More

Photographer: Creative Commons

Dachshund Loses Short Battle With Mountain Lion

One Colorado man’s pleasant afternoon walk with his dachshund turned gruesome last week when tragedy leapt from the shadows and struck mercilessly. The unidentified Colorado Springs pet owner... Read More

Photographer: Courtesy of the London Cycling Campaign

Cycling Group Designs Bike-Safe Truck

On Wednesday, the London Cycling Campaign released its design for a new concept truck that they say would reduce the incidence of fatal cycling collisions. The Safer Urban Lorry has a lower... Read More

Photographer: Dirck Byler/USFWS

Poachers Kill More Than 80 Elephants

Poachers killed at least 86 elephants, including 33 females and 15 calves, last week in Chad, according to conservation groups as reported by Reuters. It is the worst recorded elephant slaughter... Read More

Photographer: wbee/Shutterstock

Yellowstone Locals Pitch in to Open Park

Businesses and local residents in Cody and Jackson, Wyoming, have raised almost $170,000 to plow the roads into Yellowstone National Park so that the park can open to tourists on time. Normally... Read More