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Buy an Everest Summit with Bitcoin

Collecting armadillos. Do-it-yourself bullfighting. Riding a jetpack while drunk. Some activities are bound to attract a small group of dedicated, often wealthy people who welcome risk and whose... Read More

World Trade Center BASE Jumpers Revealed

At 3 a.m. on September 30, 2013, three men jumped from New York City's Freedom Tower, also known as One World Trade Center. Their parachutes opened minutes before hitting pavement on West Street.... Read More

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Record Marathon Finishes in 2013

Last year was a record year for the marathon, according to Running USA’s Annual Marathon Report. Approximately 541,000 runners completed one of 1,100 26.2-mile events across the United... Read More

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Putin Launches Fitness For Russians

Reuters reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin will relaunch a Soviet-era national fitness program with surplus funds originally earmarked for the $50 billion Sochi Olympics and... Read More

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Three BASE Jumpers Die in Zion

The body of Sean Leary, a climber known for his record-breaking Yosemite ascents, was found this past weekend by authorities in Zion National Park. According to Climbing, he died in a BASE-jumping... Read More

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Shark-Feeding Video Leads to Charges

Just because you aren't in a zoo doesn't mean you can feed the animals. Four men from two Florida dive companies are facing charges linked with illegally feeding sharks and fish. Working jointly... Read More