News from the Field

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The New Frontier of Plant Violence

Plants have always been harbingers of peace in our violent world. From towering redwoods to peaceful begonias, flora tends to be far more tranquil than fauna. But this characterization might be... Read More

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Attack of the Tumbleweeds!

A tumbleweed invasion has hit much of southeastern Colorado. Recent high winds and drought conditions across most of the west have resulted in a nearly unmanageable flurry of tumbleweeds, blocking... Read More

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SeaWorld Turns 50

Despite public pressure to end its famous killer-whale shows, SeaWorld kicked off its 50th anniversary today with "Sea of Surprises," an 18-month campain that includes new attractions and... Read More

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Final Wish: A Kiss From a Giraffe

This story is NSFW, but for a different reason than usual: You will burst into tears in front of your coworkers and have to go home for the day. Are you ready? Are you alone? Mario, a 54-year-old... Read More

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To Kill a Black Bird

Although ravens are protected by federal law, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently granted Idaho a permit to "conduct lethal control actions" on 4,000 ravens in the southern part of the... Read More