News from the Field

Photographer: NASA Goddard Photo and Video/Flickr

Northeast Ski Resorts Welcome Blizzard

While most in the Northeast are hunkering down for what could be the region’s worst blizzard in a century, the region's ski resorts are secretly pumping their fists for a big hit from... Read More

Photographer: Absinthologue

Adam Ondra Climbs the World's Hardest Route—Again

Adam Ondra completed one of the hardest climbs in the world on Thursday, linking the well-known La Dura Dura project in Oliana, Spain. Speaking to climbing site, Ondra said he almost didn't... Read More

Photographer: Wikimedia Commons

Villagers Track Down Leopard After Attack

Villagers in the Indian state of Assam raised a few eyebrows after they beat and hanged a leopard that had attacked a family in their home. The leopard entered the house of Haren Roy on Wednesday... Read More

Photographer: Patrick Fitzgerald/Flickr

Young UK Swimmer Dies of Heart Attack

The U.K. swimming community has been deeply affected by the death of a high school swimmer who suffered a heart attack this past weekend. Chloe Waddell, 16, competed at the UK Olympic trials in... Read More

Photographer: protographer23/Flickr

62-Year-Old Albatross Has Miracle Baby

Wisdom, a 62-year-old albatross, has hatched another chick. As the oldest known wild bird, scientists are astounded by her fertility. Those studying Wisdom's chick say the young bird appears... Read More