News from the Field

Photographer: miheco/Flickr

Man Dies in Fall on California's Mt. Baldy

Hikers discovered the body of a Long Beach man on California's Mount Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains on Sunday. Dominic Belletti, 60, left his home early Sunday morning to hike the mountain... Read More

Photographer: Wikimedia Commons

David Attenborough Doesn't Love You Back

Surely you’re familiar with David Attenborough, the honey-voiced BBC naturalist whom we all wish was our grandpa. As it turns out, however, David Attenborough doesn’t share those warm... Read More

Photographer: Wikimedia Commons

BPA Alternative Just as Bad as BPA

Remember all the fuss over bisphenol A (BPA), the chemical compound used in a wide array of consumer products that was shown to disrupt hormones and cause birth defects? Well, new research by... Read More

Photographer: Jake Spurlock/Flickr

92-Year-Old Still Skiing (More Days Than You) in Maine

Ed Hendrickson skis in jeans, but we’re giving him a free pass. The 92-year-old former navy pilot and instructional-arts teacher has skied 24 days so far this winter and hopes to eclipse the... Read More