News from the Field

Photographer: Nic McPhee/Flickr

Senate Approves Denali Pipeline

A new measure passed this week by the Senate will allow for the construction of a new gas line through Denali National Park. Bill S. 302 permits a seven-mile stretch of pipeline to be built along... Read More

Photographer: Glenn Williams/Wikimedia Commons

Officials Crack Narwhal Smuggling Ring

An illegal 10-year, cross-border, Canada-to-America, narwhal tusk-smuggling ring has been busted in an international sting. For a decade, two Canadians have been legally purchasing narwhal ivory in... Read More

Photographer: Wikimedia Commons

Pinnacles to Become a National Park

California’s Pinnacles National Monument will be promoted to the status of National Park per a bill passed through the United States Senate on Sunday. The ancient volcano field, located in... Read More

Photographer: stockex/Flickr

Burry Stander Struck and Killed by Car

Burry Stander, one of the top cross-country mountain bike racers, died on Thursday after been hit by a taxi while on a training ride. The 25-year-old South African was riding on the South Coast... Read More

Photographer: mariachily/Flickr

HBO Sued Over Horse Deaths

Barbara Casey, who worked for the American Humane Association for 13 years, most recently as the director of production in the group's film and television unit, has filed a lawsuit against her... Read More