News from the Field

Photographer: Andrew Arseev/Shutterstock

Utah Woman Describes Surviving Avalanche

Elisabeth Malloy, a 43-year-old Utah skier, was swallowed up by an avalanche on Sunday, but lived to tell the tale thanks to avy preparation, cool thinking, and the quick reactions of her ski... Read More


Man Who Abandoned Dog on Mountain Sentenced

A Colorado man who left his dog on top of a 14er last August was sentenced on Wednesday to a year of probation and 30 hours of community service. Anthony Ortolani pled guilty to a misdemeanor... Read More

Photographer: Raymond Bucko/Flickr

Father and Sons Die of Exposure in the Ozarks

A father and his two sons died from exposure while hiking on the Ozark Trail in southern Missouri on Saturday. David Decareaux, 36, his sons, Dominic, 10, and Grant, 8, and their yellow lab had... Read More

Photographer: Matthew Simantov/Flickr

Axe to Send 22 Men Into Space

Men, you are in luck. Women, you are not, because Axe is sending 22 men—men—from around the world into outer space. In a bizarre and slightly pitiful advert starring 82-year-old Apollo... Read More