News from the Field

Chinese Fishing Vessel Sinks Off Antarctica

A burning, unmanned Chinese fishing vessel that was zizagging off the coast of Antarctica last week sunk on Sunday, prompting an international rescue effort. The Kai Xin caught fire last Wednesday... Read More

Legendary Climber Layton Kor Dies

Layton Kor, the legendary climber who established some of America's hardest and most frightening routes during the 1950s and 60s, died on Sunday night. Kor, 74, had been fighting kidney failure and... Read More

WATCH: New Mountain Bike Speed Record

Eric "The Red Baron" Barone set a world speed record on a serial production mountain bike this month, blazing down the slopes of a French ski resort at 135 mph. Barone, 52, topped the previous... Read More

Were Early Humans As Fast As the Pros?

Two Spanish scientists are having something of a Holmesian moment. Javier Ruiz and Angélica Torices of Madrid's Complutense University have created an equation that determines an... Read More