News from the Field

Photographer: saeru/Flickr

Turtle Doves, Partridges Face Extinction

Scientists in the U.K. are warning that both the partridge and the turtle dove face imminent extinction if immediate action isn’t taken. The latest wild bird statistics, released Thursday,... Read More

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Study: EPO May Not Help Elite Athletes

A new study has concluded that using the doping agent EPO in elite competition may not help improve performance. The study, published on Thursday in the British Journal of Pharmacology, reviewed 13... Read More

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Wildife Officials Open Python-Killing Competition

It's no longer just a Simpsons episode: Florida wildlife officials are enlisting the help of residents to confront the invasion of pythons in the delicate Everglades ecosystem. The first-ever... Read More

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BASE Jumper Dies Near Grand Canyon

Norwegian BASE jumper Eliliv Ruud died near the Grand Canyon on Tuesday when his parachute failed to open after he struck a cliff face and spiraled out of control. The accident took place at Salt... Read More

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IOC Strips 4 Medals, Plans to Strip Armstrong's

The International Olympic Committee stripped four 2004 Athens Olympics track and field athletes of their medals on Wednesday after retesting about 100 doping samples. Yuriy Bilonog of the Ukraine... Read More