News from the Field

Photographer: Bob Jagendorf/Flickr

Marathon Running: Bad for the Heart?

The debate rages on. Cardiologists in an article published in the journal Heart on Friday say that exercising vigorously for more than 50 minutes per day could harm your heart. Researchers Dr.... Read More

Photographer: Simone Lovati/Flickr

Italy Plans Artificial Island

What do you do when a town gets overrun by tourists? Build them an island. At least, that’s what’s being planned for off the coast of the Italian resort areas of Rimini and... Read More

Photographer: torbakhopper/Flickr

Extreme Weather Batters NoCal

A flood watch has been placed in effect for much of Northern California through Sunday as the second in a series of heavy storms continues to batter the state. More than two inches of rain have... Read More

Photographer: U.S. Ski Team/Doug Haney

New Women's Course at Beaver Creek Takes Shape

A new women's downhill course for the 2015 World Championships is taking shape in Beaver Creek, Colorado. The course, which will be tested in next year's World Cup women's downhill and super-G,... Read More

Photographer: Derek Keats/Flickr

Botswana to Ban Hunting

Trophy hunters will no longer be able to take elephants, lions, buffalo, and other trophy species in Botswana starting in January 2014, the country's environment ministry announced. In a statement,... Read More