News from the Field

Photographer: PoweriPics/Flickr

Armstrong Fought Subpoena, Disclosure

Lance Armstrong pushed to keep the U.S. Postal Service's inquiry into his time with the team secret after trying and failing to quash their subpoena, newly-released court records reveal. According... Read More

Photographer: ogwen/Flickr

Outback Police Warn Against Apple Maps

Police in Australia are warning travelers not to rely on Apple Maps after the software was linked to several stranded motorists in the middle of an arid National Park. It turns out that motorists... Read More

Photographer: Wikimedia Commons

Florida Officals: Don't Eat Python Meat

With the Florida Python Challenge on the horizon, officials are warning residents to be extra cautious when it comes to eating python meat. The novelty pie known as “Everglades Pizza,”... Read More

Photographer: Marco Zanferrari

Costa Rica Bans Hunting

Costa Rica banned sport hunting in a unanimous vote in Congress on Friday, making the country the first in the Americas to outlaw the practice. The new law punishes violators with up to four months... Read More

Photographer: JMazzolaa/Flickr

That Fish Probably Isn't What You Think

The fish at grocery stores and restaurants in New York City is often mislabeled, according to a new study. The conservation group Oceana conducted DNA analysis of around 150 samples of fresh... Read More