News from the Field

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Wild Horse Buyer Under Investigation

A livestock hauler and proponent of the horse meat industry is under investigation for accusations that he illegally sold protected wild horses to slaughterhouses in Mexico. Tom Davis, 64, has... Read More

Photographer: Wikimedia Commons

3 Pilots Killed in Mississippi Plane Crash

Three pilots flying a single-engine plane to a federal aviation safety conference were all killed Tuesday evening when they crashed shortly after takeoff in Jackson, Mississippi. After departing at... Read More

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Scientists Find Hominid Ate Grass

Turns out your aunt who went to Woodstock that one time probably isn’t the world’s first vegetarian. Scientists at the University of Oxford have discovered a hominid species that, some... Read More

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Rainier Snowboarders Await Rescue

Rescue teams are hoping to reach two snowboarders stranded on Mount Rainier this morning after failing to reach them last night. Derek Tyndall and Thomas Dale took shelter in a snow cave at around... Read More

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Vonn Hospitalized With Intestinal Pain

World Cup champion Lindsey Vonn remains in a Vail, Colorado, hospital with severe intestinal pain, a spokesman said on Tuesday. "She told me she feels bad and has pain all over her body and that... Read More