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Photographer: Wikimedia Commons

After Hurricane Sandy, a Plague of Rats

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, New Yorkers may soon be facing a plague of rats. As floodwaters filled the city's subway system, large numbers of rats were forced to the surface in search of food... Read More

Photographer: PoweriPics/Flickr

Armstrong Stripped of Key to Adelaide

On Tuesday, the Australian city of Adelaide stripped Lance Armstrong of its highest honor, the key to the city. Following the recent USADA findings and the subsequent revocation of his seven Tour... Read More

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Russian Ship Carrying Gold Goes Missing

A ship carrying 700 tons of gold ore and a nine-person crew has gone missing in stormy seas off Russia’s Pacific coast. The ship was sailing from the coastal town of Neral to Feklistov Island... Read More

Photographer: kevinzim/Flickr

'Lucy' Species Likely Climbed Trees

A new analysis of the three-million-year-old fossil known as "Lucy" indicates that the hominid species Australopithecus afarensis likely climbed trees. The findings come from a 10-year analysis of... Read More

Photographer: Warren Goldswain/Shutterstock

Sandy May Interrupt New York Marathon

Despite Monday's reassurances from race officials, Hurricane Sandy might interrupt Sunday's New York City Marathon, as crippled public transportation, flooded streets, and power outages persist. On... Read More