News from the Field

Photographer: Wikimedia Commons

Scientists Convicted in Earthquake Trial

An Italian court has found six scientists and one former government official guilty of manslaughter for failing to predict the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake that killed 286 people. The prosecution... Read More

Photographer: laRuth/Flickr

Loveland Ski Area Opens

Though it failed to beat out A-Basin this year, Loveland Ski Area did manage to nab the number two spot on Tuesday when it became the second Colorado ski resort to open for the season. “We... Read More

Photographer: Paul Mannix/Flickr

Indian State Closes Resorts to Protect Tigers

The southwest Indian state of Karnataka has ordered all resorts within its wildlife sanctuaries to be shut down following the Supreme Court's decision to lift the countrywide ban on tiger tourism... Read More

Photographer: Denis Tabler

Report Ties Monster Energy Drinks to Deaths

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed that it has received five reports tying highly caffeinated energy drinks to sudden deaths. The reports came to light when a family filed suit... Read More

Photographer: aquariumia/Flickr

Farming Pesticides Kill Bumblebees

Pesticides are killing worker bumblebees vital to plant pollination, according to a recent study in Nature. Two commonly used pesticides, the study found, make bumblebees twice as likely to die and... Read More