News from the Field

BC Avalanche Near Revelstoke Kills 1

A 24-year-old skier was killed in an avalanche on Friday on the backside of Revelstoke Mountain Resort in British Columbia. He and four others were skiing out of bounds when three of them were... Read More

Vonn Blames Crash on Course Conditions

Injured ski racer Lindsey Vonn blamed her season-ending crash at a super-G in Austria on unsafe course conditions in her first public comments since her accident. Vonn tore her anterior cruciate... Read More

BP Goes to Court Today

Roughly three years after the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, BP and other companies involved in the spill are scheduled to go to court today. Reports of a last-minute settlement between... Read More

Outrage as Climber Caught Chipping on Video

A Brooklyn-based climber has caused an outcry after a candid video of him intentionally altering a boulder problem in upstate New York appeared on a popular climbing website. In the video on DPM... Read More

Vermont Skiers Face Fines Out of Bounds

Vermont State Senator Kevin Mullin has introduced a bill that will fine skiers up to $500 for intentionally skiing out of bounds at resorts in the state. The bill is in response to the estimated 50... Read More