News from the Field

Chernobyl Collapse Causes Concern

A 6,500-square-foot section of the roof at Chernobyl collapsed on Tuesday, sparking fears of another disaster at Ukraine’s derelict nuclear power plant. The collapse occurred 165 feet from... Read More

Australia Sets Strict Doping Standards

The Australian Olympic Committee unanimously approved the introduction of "statutory declarations" into its Olympic criteria for the 2014 Games in Sochi, Russia. The AOC is requiring all... Read More

Middle East Losing Oceans of Water

In less than a decade, the Middle East has lost stocks of freshwater amounting to the size of the Dead Sea, according to a new study from NASA. Examining seven years' worth of data from two... Read More

Wildlife Officials Helped Track Dorner

After days of searching by Southern California law-enforcement officials, it was wardens from the Department of Fish and Wildlife who located Christopher Dorner. While police searched the hills of... Read More

Maker's Mark to Dilute Bourbon by 7 Percent

Distiller Beam Inc. has raised hackles with the announcement that it plans to water down the bourbon Maker's Mark by three percent in an attempt to meet overwhelming demand. Unfortunately,... Read More