News from the Field

Mercury Is Shrinking

The solar system’s smallest planet is getting even smaller. Mercury has shrunk almost nine miles in diameter over the past four billion years, according to a report published Sunday. The... Read More

Photographer: Stockbyte/Getty Images

Warren Buffett's Son Aids Anti-Poaching

While Warren Buffett is offering $1 billion to whoever can correctly forecast all of the matchups in the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, his son, Howard Buffett, is endeavoring to curb... Read More

Little Baby Everest?

Your kids’ kids are gonna have some earthy names, say the baby-naming experts at We’re talking names like Everest, Nile, and Beach. Though vintage-style monikers are... Read More

Frat Bros Break into SeaWorld

Lots of frat boys live by the motto "go hard or go home," but those words usually apply to binge drinking and dangerous stunts, not activities that most elementary schoolers would enjoy. At 2 a.m.... Read More

The Incredible Hawaiian Marine Ecosystem

The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI) don't get a lot of attention. This collection of about 10 tiny land masses and atolls constitutes just a collective 3.1 square miles, but next time you're... Read More