News from the Field

Photographer: Journal News

Police Search for Survivalist Murder Suspect

New York police are combing 43,000-acre Harriman State Park in search of a 73-year-old former park ranger and survivalist suspected of murder. Eugene Palmer is wanted in connection with the fatal... Read More

Photographer: daveeza/Flickr

Study: 23 Nuclear Power Plants in Danger

Twenty-three nuclear plants around the world could be at risk in the case of a tsunami, according to a paper published in the journal Natural Hazards. Researchers from the Spanish Foundation for... Read More

Photographer: jakesmome/Flickr

Company Runs Alligator Pool Parties

If trampolines are no longer a safe source of enjoyment, how will our children continue to have fun? They will swim with alligators, that’s how. For $175, Bob Barrett, who runs the Madeira,... Read More

Photographer: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Midwest Region/Flickr

Wolf Pack Receives 'Death Sentence'

Washington state's Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued a "death sentence" for an eight-strong pack of gray wolves believed to be behind attacks on livestock. The agency has sent two... Read More

Photographer: Tambako the Jaguar/Flickr

Indian Tiger Poached Inside Zoo

The world’s dwindling tiger population dipped again this week after a group of poachers in India penetrated a high-security zoo enclosure and hacked a tiger to death. The poachers entered... Read More