News from the Field

Photographer: lecates/Flickr

Rogue Wave Hits Couple, Killing Husband

An elderly American couple was dragged out to sea after being hit by a giant wave while walking along a Baja California beach in Los Cabos, Mexico. The husband, 72-year-old Ted Park, drowned in the... Read More

Photographer: Dennis from Atlanta/Flickr

Park Service Defends Refusal to Use Wolves to Thin Elk

The National Park Service defended it's elk-management policy in Rocky Mountain National Park before a federal court of appeals on Thursday. In a hearing, wildlife advocacy group WildEarth... Read More

Photographer: mikecogh/Flickr

Operation Puerto Defendants Going to Trial

Six people arrested during the Operation Puerto doping raids in 2006 will finally go to trial on January 28 in Madrid's Superior Court. The defendants include Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes and former head... Read More

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Apes Found to Enjoy Slapstick Comedy

Primates may laugh at the misfortune of others, according to new research on laughter that finds apes appear to enjoy slapstick comedy. "The use of language-based jokes is clearly unique to... Read More

Photographer: Ed Bierman/Flickr

Controversial Badger Cull Set to Begin

Government officials have approved the systematic mass-shooting-and-killing of badgers in England, and, well, people are upset. On Monday, the government issued the first badger-cull licenses for... Read More