News from the Field

Photographer: M. Glasgow/Wikimedia

Americans Toss 40 Percent of Their Food

Americans throw away nearly 40 percent of their food for a total of $165 billion in waste every year, according to an analysis released Tuesday by the Natural Resources Defense Council.... Read More

Photographer: gvgoebel/Flickr

Court Overturns EPA Coal Regulation

On Tuesday, a federal appeals court struck down the Environmental Protection Agency's 2011 regulation requiring coal-fired power plants to reduce certain harmful emissions. The "good neighbor... Read More

Photographer: kelticosol/Flickr

U.S. Authorizes First Jaguar Habitat

On Monday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service published the first plan to provide a protected habitat for jaguars. The 838,232-acre area, which stretches through four mountain ranges in... Read More

Photographer: Ben Wittick/Wikimedia Commons

Billionaire Builds Private Wild West Town

The third Koch brother, lesser-known Bill, is building a Wild West-style faux-town in Colorado—and you can’t go. Well, unless you’re a Koch, a friend of the Kochs, or a historian.... Read More

Photographer: PoweriPics

Judge Throws Out Armstrong's Suit

Lance Armstrong faces a three-day deadline to decide if he will fight doping charges through arbitration or accept sanctions after a federal judge threw out his suit against the U.S. Anti-Doping... Read More