News from the Field

Photographer: Jon Mountjoy/Flickr

Boy Stumbles on $60,000 Whale Excretion

A precocious young British boy has stumbled upon a chunk of congealed whale vomit that could be worth as much as $63,000. Charlie Naysmith, 8, was walking with his parents along the beach at... Read More

Photographer: Grayson Schaffer

Missing Tourist Finds Herself

A woman reported missing from a tour to the Eldgjá volcanic canyon in southern Iceland ended up joining the search party formed to find her. The mix-up occurred when the woman left the tour... Read More

Photographer: Beth and Christian/Flickr

U.S. Sets New Fuel Efficiency Standards

The White House issued a new set of fuel efficiency rules on Tuesday that require car makers to drastically increase the average fuel economy of new cars over the next 13 years. The new goal of... Read More

Photographer: Mick E. Talbot/Flickr

Manhattan to Spray for West Nile

Crews in Manhattan will begin spraying pesticides to combat the spread of West Nile virus in New York, officials said on Tuesday. While the city already sprays for mosquitos, the spraying scheduled... Read More

Photographer: Jon Mountjoy/Flickr

Argentines Plan Gull Cull

Officials in the Argentine city of Puerto Madryn have approved a plan to kill aggressive seagulls with hunting rifles, following a series of attacks on whales by the birds. Seagull populations... Read More