News from the Field

Photographer: The National Guard/Flickr

Thousands Flee Canary Islands Wildfires

Over 5,000 people were evacuated over the weekend as strong winds fanned wildfires in Spain's Canary Islands, prompting governments to issue travel warnings. A fire on La Gomera Island forced the... Read More

Photographer: Doug Letterman/Flickr

Jet Skier Breaches JFK Airport Security

A jet skier managed to breach the security system at John F. Kennedy International Airport after his jet ski broke down, forcing him to swim ashore. Daniel Castillo was out on Jamaica Bay around... Read More

Photographer: danceswithlight/Flickr

Viewers Prefer Live-Broadcast Olympics

NBC’s Olympics coverage has come under heavy criticism, and, not surprisingly, a new poll shows that viewers aren’t necessarily happy with the Peacock’s coverage. A recent Gallup... Read More

Photographer: Piet.Wijker/Flickr

U.S. Runner Breaks Leg, Finishes Relay

Since 1952, The U.S. men’s team has won every Olympic 4x400m relay it has competed in—and that streak’s still alive thanks to a man with a broken leg. American Manteo Mitchell... Read More

Photographer: Kyle Taylor

Sewage Threatens Ironman Championships

Saturday's U.S. Ironman Championships may take place without a swimming leg after a break in a sewer line that will lead to the release of millions of gallons of raw sewage into the Hudson River.... Read More