News from the Field

Photographer: Flickr

Giant Catfish Ransacks Home

A marauding giant catfish ransacked the home of a Chinese couple in Xinjiang Province after they briefly left the door open before heading out for work. When Xu Xianmin and his wife returned home... Read More

Photographer: derekmarkham/Flickr

Top Cycling Sponsor Can't Meet Financial Obligations

One of U.S. cycling’s biggest sponsors, Exergy Development Group, owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid sponsorship invoices and is now facing potential legal action. If Exergy... Read More

Photographer: Anthony DeLorenzo/Flickr

24-Hour MB World Championships Cancelled

Organizers of the 24-Hour Mountain Bike World Championships have cancelled the race due to lack of participation, officials announced. The race was scheduled for September 14-16 in Canmore,... Read More

Photographer: foilman/Flickr

Driver Swerves to Avoid Moose, Hits Bear

A Norwegian driver who swerved to avoid hitting a moose ended up crashing into a bear instead, wildlife officials said Thursday. The unidentified driver was traveling down a country road late on... Read More

Photographer: Pierre Thomas

Jornet Breaks Grand Teton Speed Record

Spanish ultrarunner Kilian Jornet smashed the Grand Teton's 30-year-old speed record on Saturday, climbing and descending the 13,770-foot mountain in just 2 hours, 54 minutes. Jornet, 24, summited... Read More