News from the Field

Photographer: $holydevil/Flickr

Study: Egg Yolks Almost as Bad as Smoking

Are eggs the cigarettes of the breakfast-food world? Almost, says one Canadian researcher. Dr. David Spence, a professor at Western University in Ontario, Canada, surveyed more than 1,200 people... Read More

Photographer: USDAgov/Flickr

Firefighter Killed in Idaho Wildfire

One wildland firefighter was killed in Idaho and another burned in Oregon in accidents over the weekend as wildfires continued to burn across the United States. Anne Veseth, a 20-year-old in her... Read More

Photographer: Peter Galvin/Flickr

Triathlete Dead in NYC Ironman Identified

A triathlete who died during the swimming leg of the Ironman U.S. Championship on Saturday has been identified as a 43-year-old officer in the Hong Kong Police Force. Ironman organizers said... Read More

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Shot Putter Stripped of Gold for Doping

The International Olympic Committee announced Monday that Belarus shot putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk would be stripped of her London Games gold medal after testing positive for steroids. Ostapchuk... Read More

Boy Scouts Stone Rabid Beaver

A group of Boy Scouts stoned a rabid beaver to death after it attacked their leader while he was swimming in a New York river. Assistant Scoutmaster Normand Brousseau, 51, was swimming in the... Read More