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The 100 Best Adventure Web Sites

Phones Got a fancy phone? Great. Now stop wasting it.

1. Android-powered cell phone BreadCrumbz allows you to create your own picture route. Wikitude overlays Wikipedia content over your pictures. And before you make your next purchase, check out Compare Everywhere. Get it here:

2. iPhone/iPod Touch Earthcomber can find anything—gas stations, ATMs, movies, etc.YogaStretch (60 moves) and Pocket First Aid and CPR Guide are self-explanatory. Ditto Beer Pong Pro.Get it here:

3. BlackberryDon't bother with Blackberry's pre-loaded map function. Instead, use Trimble Outdoors for trip planning and GPS navigation. Viigo is a free do-it-all software that streamlines all your RSS feeds.Get it here:

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