Aces Wild

They've paid their dues, mastered their game, and pushed the limits. And this year, they've been blowing our minds. Meet the new icons of cool.

Laird Hamilton     Photo: Peggy Sirota

Plenty of people rocked our world this year—like resilient shark-attack survivor Bethany Hamilton, Olympic supa-swimma Michael Phelps, valiant Iraq war photographer Chris Anderson, and (of course) Lance, with his butt-whompingest Tour win yet. Meet the top 25 picks in our roundup of adventure heroes who stand a cut above.
Laird Hamilton: Big-Wav Surfer

Misty May & Kerri Walsh: Solid-Gold Spikers

Rush Sturges, Marlow Long, & Brooks Baldwin: Mad Auteurs

Keir Dillon: Snowboarder

Lauren Lee: Model Climber

Stewart & Brown: Eco-Fashionistas

Alexander Fyfe: Soccer Captain

Joe Don Morton: Smoke Jumper

Lance Armstrong: The Boss

Bethany Hamilton: Surfer

Justin Carven: Guru of Grease

Danny Way: Big-Air Huckster

Becky Bristow: Expedition Kayaker

Kit DesLauriers: Freeskier

Jimmy Chin: All-Mountain Man

Michael Phelps: Heavy-Medal Swimmer

Rush Randle: Wave Doctor

André Tolmé: Golfer in the Rough

Tim Bluhm: Vagabond Rocker

Dwight Aspinwall & Perry Dowst: Gear Savants

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Environmental Action Hero

Chris Anderson: Fronline Photographer

Jim Prosser: Sustainable Vintner

Jim Fraps & Jeff & Paul Pensiero: Big-Pow Hoteliers

Darren Berrecloth: Freeride Mountain Biker

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