Fitness Anywhere

San Francisco, CA, 46 Employees

ATHLETES ARE US: Makers of the TRX Suspension Trainer, FA offers free fitness classes, sports-related flex time, a well-appointed gym, and assistance paying for other active endeavors. Employees are encouraged to eschew internal combustion; the kid- and dog-friendly office has ample bike storage—but just ten parking spots.


Fitness Anywhere Inc. produces and sells Suspension Training® equipment and programs to trainers, athletes, the military, and active individuals. Suspension Training is a workout that develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX® Suspension Trainer™, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to enable hundreds of exercises for every fitness goal.

It is a work-hard/play-hard organization. The team at Fitness Anywhere values a healthy lifestyle. As a fitness company, we encourage everyone within the organization to continue to test out our latest programming and products on a weekly basis, which means daily and weekly workouts. The company offers free fitness classes and pays partial costs to any health-related activities (e.g., marathons, health classes, health education, etc.). The TRX Training Center, an on-site fitness center, offers free classes to anyone who works full time at the company. Team Triathlons, lunchtime runs, and TRX workouts are one side of our culture here. But we like to play too. We have a co-ed soccer team (we also tend to win!), and we have competed in team triathlons and 5K runs together. Most of these events end with a beer or an iced tea, depending on what camp you're in, but we all truly enjoy the team aspect of the company.

Our company is heavily involved in the outdoors (skiing, climbing, surfing, cycling, triathlons, etc.), and we encourage our employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. To accommodate scheduling, employees either come in early or stay later to handle their work and enable them to take the time off for their extracurricular activities. It is not a formalized program but self-monitored. Working on the roof deck during summer is a secret luxury at our office. There are five dogs in our office—Blue, Rosco, Cole, Barbie, and Bucky—and they usually tend to be running around like children, or sleeping under someone's desk. Jeans are dressy. Where else can you wear your lululemon pants to the office and hop on a TRX at any moment of the day? Yoga poses are more frequent in our executive meetings than coffee, but we do like our coffee. Stability balls outnumber desk chairs. Being at your desk sweaty is perfectly fine. Our CEO wears workout gear four out of five workdays.

Along with supporting local charities, races, and nonprofit events, Fitness Anywhere recently launched the Wounded Warrior Fund; $5 of each "TRX FORCE Kit" that is purchased online goes into the Fund. The Fund provides support via education, training, and fitness products to support wounded soldiers who are going through recovery; more than 100 soldiers have already benefited from this program. To support our animal lovers, we recycle old TRX's (made of industrial-grade nylon) into dog leashes and donate them to community dog walkers, SPCA's, and groomers throughout San Francisco.

We allow for flexible work time, which helps parents get to their kids' soccer games or take them to school, doctors' appoitments, etc. The company also supports a "start early, leave early" policy for ski season and for our summer sun lovers.

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