The 10 Greatest Adventure Stories of the Next Century

In the last decade, athletes have freeBASEd the Eiger, paddled into 70-foot-plus waves, and dropped more than 100 feet off waterfalls. What’s next? And how will the stories be told? We asked the world's biggest adventure icons.

Planet Earth

Planet Earth with a spectacular sunset via Shutterstock     Photo: James Thew

A century from now, the ultimate adventurer may look something like this: A super-suited, jetpacked explorer flying at breakneck speeds through the farthest reaches of the universe, discovering natural resources that can help us all live more fulfilling lives. Maybe. Or it could be an uber athlete going primitive, paddling into a 100-foot wave for the ultimate ride, or hiking from the ocean up to the peak of K2 before skiing the full mountain and hopping in a kayak to navigate Class IV rapids on the way back to the sea. We don’t really know. What we do know is that the current generation of adventurers isn’t holding back in imagining the next set of limits explorers will shatter.

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