The Buddy System

We aren't asking you to hold hands and tell each other how you feel. But admit it: when you're stuck under a leaky rain fly with nothing but a wet pack of matches and your own soggy thoughts, solitaire loses its appeal. Call them your posse, your entourage, whatever—but know that the best friendships in life are forged in the wild and on the road. In the pages that follow, Outside celebrates the power of two—or, if you can't stand to be nice, the joys of a really bad feud.

Scott Anderson and Sebastian Junger in New York's Central Park, July 2006.     Photo: Peter Yang

Even Flow: A conversation with Eddie Vedder and Kelly Slater

Cover Me: Bestselling authors and war reporters Scott Anderson and Sebastian Junger talk about Panama, hugging, and My Space

Who You Want to Run With: Rafting Montana's Flathead River

Go Fishing with Ian Frazier and Jack Handy

The Power of Two: Behold the Greatness of Teamwork

The Grudge Report: They were the best of friends; they were the worst of friends

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