Hollywood Survival: 'The Edge' (1997)

A critical look at ten of the silver screen's oddest, most entertaining, and occasionally even accurate techniques for dealing with disaster

SCENARIO: After crashing their plane into a remote, snowy region of North America, Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) and Bob Green (Alec Baldwin) find themselves stalked by a 1,800-pound Kodiak bear. The two men prepare an elaborate spiked trap, hang it from a tree, and swing it into the bear. After they finally manage to kill their ursine assailant, they tan its skin and use it as a cloak. Could two untrained men take down a bear of this size?

THE EXPERT SAYS: Though the mantra of the men—"what one man can do, another can do”—is the right attitude to have, they’re taking a pretty big risk. “I’m not going to stand there and spear a bear,” Nester says. “I’m still going to run.” And their fresh-made bear suits are ridiculous: “I’ve tanned big animals like that, and it takes at least four to seven days of hard, wrenching work until it’s even soft.”

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