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  • Photo: Chazz Lane/FLickr

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    Mid-Life Crisis Averted

    Don’t blow your money on just any old vanity purchase. Get one of these justifiable toys to celebrate the restlessness of your middle years.

    Ali Carr Troxell

  • Photo: Courtesy of SOG

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    SOG Fixed Gunny Blade Knife

    The business end of SOG’s limited-edition Gunny Fixed Blade knife ($750) is made from Japanese stainless steel, and the -handle is cocobolo hardwood inlaid with (we’re not making this up) stingray hide. But don’t mistake finery for fragility. This ultra-durable knife was -designed with the help of R. Lee “What Is Your Major Malfunction, Numbnuts?” Ermey of Full Metal Jacket fame.

  • Photo: Courtesy of R.L. Winston

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    R.L Winston Bamboo Fly Rod

    It takes the folks at R. L. Winston a year to craft a single bamboo fly rod (from $2,750). The result, as with its four-weight, is a singular piece of functional art: a hand-sanded seven-and-a-half-footer with a cork grip, a medium action, and titanium-plated guides. It fishes just as beautifully as it looks. Go ahead, you deserve it.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Danny Hess

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    Danny Hess Custom Surfboard

    Wooden surfboards are gorgeous. They’re also extremely heavy and difficult to ride. Which is why San Francisco shaper Danny Hess’s custom surfboards (from $1,295) are made from a mix of salvaged and certified wood wrapped around a foam core, for a board that’s lighter, stronger, and more flexible. The six-foot rocket-fish design pictured here is ideal for everything from two-foot breakers to overhead barrels.

  • Photo: Skibradshaw/Flickr

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    Sportsmobile Custom Camper Van

    Forget the sports car. A V-10, a winch, a 46-gallon gas tank—the list of features that make the Sportsmobile custom camper van (from $60,000) the ultimate adventure rig is long. It also has an exterior heated shower, a beer fridge, and a 45-square-foot roof rack that’s big enough for kayaks, surfboards, and luggage (or a few sleeping pads for open-air z’s)—in other words, everything to make you feel young again.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Fischer

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    Fischer Ranger 12 Ski Boots

    Most custom ski boots make use of foam injections or heat-adjustable liners to achieve a snug fit. With Fischer’s Ranger 12 ($849), the entire shell is heat-molded to your foot. Adjustments are then made for stance, forward lean, and knee alignment. The process takes an hour (look for a shop equipped with a Fischer Vacuum Fit station), and the end result is the most comfortable boot we’ve ever skied in.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Salsa

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    Salsa Cycles Beargrease Carbon XX1

    You don’t need a bike designed to ride in snow or sand. But at this point in your life, you can afford to have a quiver—and that quiver will be way more fun with a fatty like Salsa’s Beargrease Carbon XX1 ($5,500) in it. The Beargrease comes with through-axle front and rear hubs—usually found only on downhill racing bikes—for more precise steering, internally routed cables that are sealed to keep mud and grime at bay, and a carbon frame that shaves the bike’s weight to 24 pounds, the lightest in its class.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Old Town

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    Old Town Guide 16

    Old Town has been making wood-and-canvas canoes for over a hundred years. The Guide 16 (from $7,600) features red cedar planks along the hull, strips of cherry on the gunwales, and cane seats that add strength and style. It’s a stunning piece of craftsmanship that you can pass on to your kids—and it paddles like a dream, with a wind-shedding low profile and plenty of cargo space.